A Farewell To Vanna

Where We Are Now, The Sun Sets Here for Vanna

For over a decade, Boston’s Vanna have been creating aggressive music for us to sing along and swing our fists to. Vanna has helped me get through some tough times and made others great. They will remain a part of my life through their music that I will continue to listen to even after they’ve closed the curtains.


I saw Vanna perform in Worcester, MA. A Christian metalcore band I’d prefer not to name gave their two cents on their lord and savior during their set. The crowd booed and heckled them. When Vanna came out they let the audience know how they felt about that kind of rude behavior. It was beautiful to see that Vanna acts the way they say they do. They preach respect and give it.


At the end of a long Warped Tour day, I waited in line badly sunburned, dusty, and exhausted, to have Vanna sign a copy of their album and to say something awkward to them. I managed to do both, and I thought they’d be in a rush to finish up. I was wrong. The whole time they talked to the fans and never made us feel like they had something better to do or somewhere else to be.



There was a time when Vanna was helping me deal with some shit. I never went to a therapist, and self-diagnosing is a terrible thing to do, but for a while I might have been depressed, and Vanna was a big part in helping me get through it. Every afternoon when I woke up in the little bed in the little room I was renting I would just stay in bed for as long as possible and just stare at my ceiling not wanting to move or get up, much less go outside and work. I didn’t want to do anything and laying in that bed at night sometimes I’d have much scarier thoughts than not getting up. Listening to Vanna was one of the few bright spots at the time. Their music definitely helped me get through it, and it was later that I learned that Davey Muise does his part to help raise awareness for mental illness through speaking tours and a merch line specifically tailored to kids who don’t have much. “Respectable” doesn’t even cover it.


The scene won’t collapse with Vanna gone, but they are undoubtedly irreplaceable. I never left a Vanna show thinking, “that could’ve been better.” They are a band that always entertains and so thank you Seamus, Shawn, Nick, Joel, and Davey for all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve shed for and with us. Thanks for giving us nights we won’t and can’t forget. Thanks for helping us get through rough patches and for giving us a place where we could all be ourselves free of judgment and negativity. And thanks for all the special moments and memories you’ve created with each of us.

You will always be welcome wherever we are.

READ MORE: Interview w/ Davey Muise of Vanna 2015


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