Record Review: Shattered Sun – ‘The Evolution of Anger’

Probably not too many people are aware of the band Shattered Sun from Alice, Texas, but the band have been around for a few years with two previous records and a third newly released, The Evolution of Anger. So what is that next evolutionary step? Based on what the band has to say, it’s action.

The Evolution of Anger is a melodic mixture of run-of-the-mill metalcore and marvelous musicianship. It’s still a headbanger, but it does leave a lot to be desired. Some songs are decent at best, but others are strong. Tracks like “Declassified,” “Die for Nothing,” and “Burn It Down” stand out, instrumentally and lyrically. They question the realities of life; “Can you escape the violence?”

The album is a call to action for self-improvement individually and as a community. (“Digging ourselves out or digging our own grave?”) The record starts out flimsily, but picks up strength just before the halfway mark (and wait until you get to “Terminal”). The Evolution of Anger is worth listening to, if not only to hope that Shattered Sun build on their unharnessed energy and talent and create something wonderful in their next release. Until then, enjoy the catchy, but uncomfortable questioning of life.

Three and Half Star Rating

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