Record Review: Counterfeit Culture – ‘Deathwish’

Counterfeit Culture manage to do more with a three track EP than some manage to do with an over-saturated full-length. The only thing I can find fault in with Deathwish is that it is too short. 30 seconds in, I wanted to enjoy at least ten songs worth of this dysphoric, resentful bundle of fun.

Deathwish is beautiful in its sadness, powerful in its rage, and it definitely makes you want to sing and move along to its catchy hooks and lyrics. There’s a powerful message in each track. “X” is about fighting addiction: “I need a friend more than I need a savior.” I’d argue that this line doesn’t have to relate to drugs, or even an addiction, for it to be relatable. “Apothecary” is my favorite track, and it was an easy choice even with the other two awesome songs. “Take my life away/ I never meant for this/ So blessed with ignorance/ Fall away from me/ a match with kerosene/ Let me burn everything.” As morbid as that sounds, it comes out beautifully sung.

Counterfeit Culture masterfully transition from haunting melodies and sorrowful singing to aggressive riffs and ferocious vocals. It’s like the musical equivalent of playing with a cute polar bear cub and then it claws your face off. Deathwish works hard to appeal to fans across the metalcore spectrum, and I think it succeeds. I’d be surprised to not hear great things about these guys in the future.

I strongly suggest listening to this every day and singing along and waiting impatiently for more from Counterfeit Culture. New favorite metalcore band right here.

Five Star Rating

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