RECORD REVIEW: Stray From the Path – ‘Only Death is Real’

Stray From the Path are anything but subtle. Outspoken, straight up and furious, their newest album, Only Death is Real, says a lot of the things we’ve been trying to say for the past year. This record is pure venom.

This record is the angriest way to say we should all learn to live in peace and accept each other. The band has their crosshairs on the fuckery in Washington. Pick any song on this record and you can relate it to politics: “Join or die / I won’t pick a side” (“Loudest In The Room”); “With a racist president that’s ‘making everything great again’” (“Goodnight Alt-Right). Every song, the message is clear and the anger is palpable. Yet the album has a faint taste of monotony and repetition. Only Death is Real is undeniably worth listening to as a reflection of America in 2017, but the longevity of the album is questionable. The record is timely and meaningful, but I don’t find too much to hold onto.

So listen to Only Death is Real and ponder the philosophical truths behind the reality of death and life. And from a personal standpoint, you shouldn’t miss Stray From the Path live.

Three and Half Star Rating

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