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Like Moths To Flames Exceed Expectations with new record, ‘Dark Divine’

After two years it’s about that time again: Like Moths To Flames dropped there new album Dark Divine on November 3rd. Buckle your seats and get ready.

Noted by drummer Greg Diamond in my interview for the When We Don’t Exist Tour,  this album is a lot more grown up then any other albums they have ever made. Dark Divine is a euphoric blend of deep meaningful lyrics and ambient tones. Vocalist Chris Roetter really only screams in songs for emphasis on specific words. For example, in the song “Even God Has A Hell,” he emphasizes the lyric, “forget your face,” making the phrase all the more poignant.

For those diehard LMTF fans who worry that “growing up” means getting softer, just go check out my favorite song on the album, “Mischief Managed.” It definitely keeps that old heavy sound, but perfectly blends in their new ambient tones and style. Around the one minute mark, there is a softer interlude that really throws it off track, but it got me hooked.

The first single off of this album, “Nowhere Left To Sink,” is probably the best representation of the sound they’re going for now. Roetter does not scream at all in the song and yet it is still so heavy, especially when the breakdown comes. It has beautifully written lyrics: “Complacent while I count these empty thoughts/ Stuck in a place I swore that I forgot.” It’s probably one of the best lines in the entire album.

After taking two years on a new record, LMTF have over-exceeded expectations with this album. They changed and developed, but did it in a perfect way.

by Michael DeLucia

Get tickets for their tour with In Hearts Wake, Fit For A King and Phinehas.

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