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Anthony Bello18472182_1344263545609424_1179333983_o
While attending Tottenville High School, Anthony had taking an entry level photography class out of pure interest. As the class went on and required more challenging photo assignments to be handed in, Anthony discovered that he can use his love of music and photography to help him complete this class. After asking around for any possible photo opportunities he hooked up with his good friend Keith who’s band had a show that weekend and asked if could shoot their set. I guess you can say that the rest is history. Anthony traveled from show to show in search of making connections with other bands in the New York/New Jersey areas. Not too long after he was contracted to shoot Invent, Animate and he became friends with HXC Magazine, where he truly honed his skills and began establishing himself with larger bands such as Motionless In White, Falling in Reverse and Memphis May Fire and so much more.

Instagram: @ajbpictures

Sophia Zucker
Sophia Zucker is a photographer based out of Morristown, New Jersey. Whenever she can, she does Music and Portrait Photography, and she goes to local shows pretDSC_2088ty much every other day. She’s currently in high school in Jersey and wants to major in Digital Photography. She always found herself behind the camera when she was younger so she stole her dad’s camera in 2013 to take a few pictures and hasn’t put it down since. When she isn’t taking pictures or going to shows she’s either with her friends, listening to music, or eating a lot of spaghetti.

Previous Contributors

Alexander Chan
Alexander Chan graduated from Manhattan College with a degree in Communications Broadcasting and Digital Media Arts. He found a home in punk, hardcore and metal as a kid going to local shows and knew from then on there was a community he belonged to.

AlexChan_BioPhotographs and cinematography have always been the primary choice of visual arts Alex uses in order to get a message across. A bit of a perfectionist, he cannot sleep until everything is made to its highest quality. When not flipping out at

a concert or taking pictures, Alex likes to play guitar, slap the bass, obsess over his two cats, devour seafood and recite Fight Club.

Instagram: @chanthrax


Justin LaMot
Justin LaMot is currently studying Graphic Design at Queens College in New York and is a soon-to-be graduate. While he is computer savvy and knows his way around Photoshop, he also loves branching out and trying other fields of art. Whether it’s drawing, painting, writing or photography, Justin has a willingness to be as versatile as possible and provideJustin LaMot_photoan attitude of determination and flexibility. Listening to many variations of metal music and attending countless concerts, Justin knows how to handle himself in a rough crowd! Yet outside of the venue, he loves finding new music, playing video games, writing poetry, eating tons of pizza and enjoying endless amounts of milkshakes. Music is Love. Pizza is Life.

Instagram: @JL_Photography_Design

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