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David Marulanda
David Marulanda is a graduate from Boston University’s College of Communication. He is pursuing a writing career now that making the NBA is out of reach for him. He writes short stories and other works of fiction in addition to writing for HXC Magazine.

David enjoys metal, hardcore, and other offshoot genres in between, and also some other weirder, most likely European stuff. He also enjoys reading sci-fi, playing sports and board games, smoking hookah, and finding new bands. He drinks more coffee than you and has a tendency to get hit in the face. Tell him about fun shows he should go to and new music to listen to. (Seriously, I’ll consider almost all requests.)

Email: david@hxcmag.com
Twitter: @marulandada

michael delucia

Michael DeLucia

If you live in NYC and you like hardcore music you have probably seen him at a show.

Michael is a diehard music fan and has been a frontman for a bunch of different hardcore/ metalcore bands throughout his years in the scene. He studied to be an English teacher in college so that’s where his passion for writing comes from. In his personal time Michael enjoys going to shows, pitting, eating pizza, watching cat videos on the Interwebs and….well that’s it really.. He doesn’t do much else.
Email: michael@hxcmag.com
Instagram: @makomike_ydg

Previous Contributors


Mike McNamara, Mosh King of NYC, nice to meet ya. There are two things in this world I love: dogs and heavy breakdowns. Find me a hardcore show full of puppies and we’ve got a match made in heaven. Why do I love hardcore? Is it a great excuse to punch kids that are smaller to me? Of course it is. But most importantly, hardcore is brotherhood/sisterhood of people that respect music and like to get wild at shows. Just don’t tell anyone that my favorite band is Weezer.”
Mike is a full-time student at Baruch College studying Music Management and a full-time lover of music. Growing up on early 2000’s soft rock, he quickly turned to heavy music as he reached adolescence. Mike has been a pit warrior ever since and when he’s not studying for opera exams, he’s slam dancing his way to hardcore mosh stardom. His YouTube channel “mcnametal” has over SEVENTY FIVE (wow!) subscribers and is dedicated to showcasing the world of heavy music. Mike enjoys sports, pizza, puppetry, and collecting vinyl. Oh and did we mention dogs?
13472294_291409711201727_1057157437_nTrey Ruiz

Trey got into heavy music at an early age when his dad got him into bands such as Megadeth and Slayer. He later discovered two bands that set the course for his music preferences, Slipknot and Green Day. As much as Trey loves metal and hardcore, he has as much love for pop punk bands, as well as a few guilty pleasures. Trey loves any and all music. Fun facts: he has a hamster named after his favorite Green Day album, he’s afraid of clowns, and he likes eating straight hot sauce.

If he isn’t jamming to We Came As Romans, Real Friends or Emarosa,  Trey is probably at Taco Bell or watching Clerks.


kelly khaleesi

Kelly Fay
Kelly Fay is a recent graduate from Emerson College with a degree in marketing communications. She is pursuing a career in entertainment publicity, specifically in music and film. She has a variety of experience in marketing, managing social media accounts for various entertainment media, including organizations, films, and web-based productions. She is the former bassist of a Rhode Island-based melodic metalcore band Patterns of Myra (formerly East of Eden). Along with going to shows and jamming, her other interests include running, playing video games, tattoos, and lots of sushi.


Maria Spiridigliozzi. An Emerson graduate with a degree in Print and Multimedia Journalism. Maria likes to scream alone in her car to the sounds of My Chemical Romance, HIM, and Fall Out Boy. She currently also works for Sideshow Network, a podcast network based out of Los Angeles. On the side she takes online classes, attends random shows, and attempts to fight the patriarchy.

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