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Video Premiere: Favorite Weapon “Let’s Shake On It”

favorite weapon

Remember that band Woe, Is Me? Yeah, that band that we have to thank for the emergence of Tyler Carter. It was also a band with a complete clusterfuck of a line-up. It felt like every month a member joined or parted ways with the group. However, because of Woe, Is Me a lot of great new music emerged.  Carter and his latest band Issues aside, another gem to spring from the ashes of Woe, Is Me is a phoenix we can refer to as Favorite Weapon.  Favorite Weapon was the side project and eventual full-fledged band formed by Hance Alligood, Tyler Carter’s replacement in the final days of Woe, Is Me.  (Apparently being the clean vocalist of Woe, Is Me is like being the unclean vocalist of Attack Attack! *cough Caleb, Austin cough*)

Anyhow, Favorite Weapon’s debut album Sixty Saragossa dropped over the summer and was exceptionally well received.  Constantly touring, the band seems to have finally found time to put together a music video for their single “Let’s Shake On It.”  You can check out the video below and let us know what you think! (And no, your computer is not broken, there really is no sound in the video for the first 20 seconds.)

Need-To-Know: Her Bright Skies

her bright skies

Miss the emo/alternative era at all?  That amazing time when My Chemical Romance, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Used, Senses Fail, and Taking Back Sunday were always your go-to bands on your iPod Mini?  (Yes, we still remember our first beloved iPod Mini.  Mine was green.) Well, have no fear. Though that era of music may have fallen to the background of today’s music scene, there are still several bands out there keeping the sound alive in new and innovative ways.

Let’s take a trip to Europe for a moment–Sweden, to be more accurate. Over there you’ll get a chance to see the work of Her Bright Skies.  This Swedish five piece is the definition of old school alternative rock with a fun, modern flare. Her Bright Skies upholds an attitude and aesthetic that hasn’t surfaced in the music world since AFI’s 2007 masterpiece, DecemberUnderground.  Their work is catchy, melodic, hard-hitting, and, most importantly, it showcases a high quality of writing and recording that is so rare in the substream music world.  With everything from headbanging jams like “Lovekills” with a super sexy guitar riff and whispery vocal pairing to amped up Usher cover tracks (“DJ Got Us Falling In Love”), you’re going to have a great time listening to Her Bright Skies all day long.

Don’t believe us? Then just take a look at the haunting video for “Ghosts of the Attic” right here.  The alternative, punk and hardcore scenes over in Europe have been inexcusably overlooked in the last few years and the fact that Her Bright Skies hasn’t gotten the full American reception that it deserves is a shame that we wish to help resolve right now. So take a listen to these Swedish rockers and get ready for their upcoming new music being worked on right now!