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Patent Pending Cover Tiesto & Avicii For Color Smashing Music Video

Patent Pending’s cover mashup, “Wasted/Wake Me Up,” is one to add to your summer jams playlist. It’s not heavy, but it sure is fun to listen to and to watch. The music video is imaginative and playful and even runs in reverse. If you’re feeling like you need a pick me up, check out this music video!


RIYL: early-Paramore, PVRIS, Tonight Alive

If you’re the type of rocker who falls somewhere in between punk and dark pop then VISTA is a band for you. The female-fronted trio are stellar songwriters who know how to plant catchy hooks without succumbing to the sellout sound of radio rock. Each song on their latest EP Versus will have you raising your fist and yelling for more. Check out the EP on Spotify and be sure to support the band if you like what you hear! VISTA has a few upcoming tour dates which you can check out here.

Photo Credit: Holly Turner

LIVE SHOTS: Staten Island Summerfest (Part 2)

Here it is, round 2! Check out some shots we took at Summerfest in Staten Island the other day of bands like Underdog Champs, Awake At Last, Only Sibling, and To Live As Wolves!

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LIVE SHOTS: Staten Island Summerfest (Part 1)

When someone says you’re making a scene, they might mean that you’re being too overdramatic in public for comfort. But here at Staten Island’s Overspray music venue, where the walls are as covered in artwork as most of the show-goers skins, a bunch of punks, rockers, hardcore kids and metalheads (including an eight-year-old who is most definitely cooler than you) came together for August 5th’s Summerfest to make a scene that’s about more than just being overly loud and in your face.

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RECORD REVIEW: Emarosa – ‘131’

131 is Emarosa‘s follow up album to Versus, which already proved they’re a force to be reckoned with. With their latest release they continue to impress and prove they can produce consistent, good quality material.

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Music Video Of The Week: Out Came The Wolves “96”

Out Came The Wolves are an awesome example of modern rock. They’ve got their heavy moments, they’ve got their melodic moments, and they know how to balance them. “96” starts out a little reserved but works its way through a wide variety of sounds and vocal techniques and eventually gives you that hard-hitting aggression you crave. This track is extremely dynamic and the music video has a cool rose-tinted, desert vibe that pairs well with their sometimes bare bones, but always intriguing approach.

RECORD REVIEW: Hands Like Houses ‘Dissonants’

It’s hard to strike the balance of progressing your band’s sound without going overboard and selling out or otherwise alienating your original fans. Hands Like Houses third full-length record, Dissonants, accomplishes this difficult task with ease.

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Note To Self “Akrasia”


the state of mind in which someone acts against their better judgement through weakness of will

Though Note To Self‘s new music video for “Akrasia” may be about weakness of will, the song itself certainly doesn’t have that problem. “Akrasia” doesn’t let up for a second, as it hits the listener with electrifying riffs and post-hardcore leaning vocals. But aside from being a kickass jam, “Akrasia” puts forth a message to which many people can relate. Vocalist Albert Schweizer says of the song:

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The Mayfair Release Title Track Of New Album ‘Glass House’

The Mayfair, a project molded by the former drummer of Illuminate Me (Sebastian Quintero), just streamed the title track of its upcoming release Glass House. The upcoming seven song release was produced by none other than Aaron Gillespie, whom many know as the former(ish) drummer of Underoath.

For those of you who knew Illuminate Me, who recently called it quits, The Mayfair sounds nothing like that. What does it sound like? See for yourself HERE, and be sure to check out The Mayfair’s previous EPs, Ghost and This Is Love & Letting Go on bandcamp.

Glass House will be out on January 22nd.

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