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NEED-TO-KNOW: Patient Sixty-Seven

Australian metalcore has really taken off these past few years. The Amity Affliction, Parkway Drive, and many more have made the sound a valuable export. Meet Tom Kiely (vocals) of Patient Sixty-Seven, an up and coming band from Perth, Australia who have a downright damaging single, “Callous,” out right now!

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RECORD REVIEW: Hands Like Houses ‘Dissonants’

It’s hard to strike the balance of progressing your band’s sound without going overboard and selling out or otherwise alienating your original fans. Hands Like Houses third full-length record, Dissonants, accomplishes this difficult task with ease.

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Music Video Of The Week: Parkway Drive “Crushed”


Parkway Drive seem to be really into messing with gravity lately, only with this music video for new single “Crushed” the circumstance is a little different than jumping out of a plane. In a surreal twist that’s somewhere between the cinematography of The Seventh Seal and The Fountain, the human world is at the mercy of these gold-painted figures. In a game where the guys in Parkway Drive (and the rest of mankind) are the pawns, will we all be, as they say, “crushed by the fist of God” or will human determination prevail? Watch the video below to find out!

Interview with Alex Milovic of Northlane


Before Northlane took the stage at Gramercy Theatre on August 20th, we caught up with bassist Alex Milovic to ask him questions about new album Node, Egyptian mythology, and his favorite places to tour in the US. (As there is no video allowed in the venue, we had to do this one in yet another doorway.) Check out the video interview below and be sure to give Node a listen if you haven’t already!

Live Shots: Like Moths To Flames, Northlane at Gramercy Theatre


Atmospheric metalcore had a night at Gramercy Theatre in NYC last Thursday, August 20th when Northlane headlined a show with supporting acts Like Moths To Flames, In Hearts Wake and Oceans Ate Alaska. When he wasn’t busy shaking things up in the pit, photographer Alex Chan was on the scene snapping photos of the Aussies in Northlane and the Ohio gents in LMTF. Check out the gallery below!

All photos by Alex Chan.

Music Video Of The Week: Parkway Drive “Vice Grip”

parkway drive skydiving

Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive are due to release their fifth studio album, Ire, this September via Epitaph Records. The music video for the album’s first single, “Vice Grip,” was released last week, and it’s not your run of the mill music video. Why? Because the entire band literally jump out of a plane midway through.

From the very beginning, the positive message Parkway Drive aim to deliver is palpable. The song screams redemption and hope with lines: “The chains set to break your soul/ Day by day/ You know the choice you have to make/ Freeze up and fade/ Or be the flame that lights the way.” Group vocals join in to express the band’s call for people to help one another, echoed in the performance they give after their big dive.

Ire will be available in stores September 25th and is now available for preorder. Check out the flying Australians below.

by David Marulanda

Interview with Jenna McDougall, Whakaio Taahi of Tonight Alive

Photo taken from band's Facebook page.
Photo taken from band’s Facebook page.

The following is an interview in our ongoing serial “Women of Hardcore.” For more from the serial click here

Pop punk band Tonight Alive have earned themselves some serious attention over the years. They’ve played festivals like Warped Tour and Soundwave, had their song “The Edge” featured on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack, and toured with the likes of Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, and All Time Low. HXC Magazine correspondent Liz Rainey recently had the opportunity to speak with Jenna McDougall (vocals) and Whakaio Taahi (guitar, vocals) at JBL Live at Pier 97 in NYC on the May 23rd date of the Future Hearts Tour. In the interview, they talk about exploring more of the U.S., the recording process of their third album, and what “punk” means to them. 

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