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Miss May I at the Rock’n Derby

First off, for a band whose music is so heavy and full of rage, the dudes in Miss May I are some of the nicest guys we’ve ever interviewed. So we treated them to a five star experience by cornering them in a stable next to a hay bail and asking them why they weren’t invited to the WCAR vs Memphis May Fire eating contest. Both MMI and For Today were left out of the event, so we’re thinking a round two is in order. And for the record, Levi Benton is definitely down.

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Interview with Alex Milovic of Northlane


Before Northlane took the stage at Gramercy Theatre on August 20th, we caught up with bassist Alex Milovic to ask him questions about new album Node, Egyptian mythology, and his favorite places to tour in the US. (As there is no video allowed in the venue, we had to do this one in yet another doorway.) Check out the video interview below and be sure to give Node a listen if you haven’t already!