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VIDEO PREMIERE: Something You Whisper “Scream My Name”

Something You Whisper have premiered a music video for their new track “Scream My Name” which will be on the upcoming deluxe edition of the Beautiful Sins EP, out July 15th. This live performance video takes place in one of those awesome venues where there’s graffiti covering just about every square inch of the walls, which gives an awesome visual backdrop. You can get the new single here.

Something You Whisper Cover The Weeknd’s “The Hills”


So a bunch of covers of The Weeknd‘s smash single “The Hills” have been surfacing lately, but here’s one you may not have known about that seriously rocks. They key to a “great” cover and not a “good” cover is reinvention and reinterpretation. Something You Whisper definitely achieve both these goals by blending the original track with some suspenseful rock ‘n’ roll elements. Electronic backbeats and soft melodies meet new heaviness and even a devilish little guitar solo for some super satisfying tension. Check out the video below and compare it to the original and let us know what you think!

Want MORE Something You Whisper? Check out their music video for “Beautiful Sins.”

Video Premiere: Something You Whisper “Beautiful Sins”

wes will_syw

It’s been a minute since Something You Whisper have released new music, but watch their new video for “Beautiful Sins” and you might guess why. The single is a little darker and more polished than anything they’ve done thus far; a product they’ve clearly put a lot of effort into. Shot almost all in black and white with the band members wearing clothes of an era gone by (hello, suspenders), SYW jam out against a solid black backdrop on a barren floor. Intercut with white noise and out of focus footage of some kind of mysterious ritual, the video is a step in a more artistic direction for the Canadian post-hardcore outfit. Despite the intriguing changes, one thing is certain: You can always count on this band for an addicting chorus.