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PHOTO GALLERY: March of Madness Tour (Memphis May Fire, Blessthefall, The Color Morale, Sylar, Bad Seed Rising)

Down in central Jersey in a venue called Gamechanger World we found a pretty unforgettable night. From openers Bad Seed Rising to headliners Memphis May Fire, this date of the March of Madness Tour lived up to it’s name. Check out some absolutely insane shots of all of the bands below! You won’t want to miss ’em.

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LIVE REVIEW: Drop the Gloves Tour at Webster Hall

Blessthefall always puts on a fantastic live show, exploding like a sucker punch to the throat and then transporting the venue to a slow-moving, slow-dancing, lighters-in-the-air pop concert. Until vocalist Beau Bokan asked for a brief break, Webster Hall was filled with blinding, raging awe. Older Blessthefall music has a way of tapping into the listener’s raw emotion, and the crowd was definitely thankful that half the set was dedicated to some of the best metalcore to date.

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INTERVIEW: A War Within ft. Levi Benton (Miss May I)

We caught up with vocalist Spencer Maybe of Detroit, MI band A War Within after their set on the New York City date of the Drop The Gloves Tour, featuring Sirens & Sailors, The Plot In You, Miss May I, and Blessthefall. Bathed in the red light of the lounge we probably shouldn’t have had access to, we chatted about Backstreet Boys, what it’s like to be an unsigned band on a major tour, and how he and Levi Benton of Miss May I (who appears mid-interview) have a very, very special relationship.

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Interview: From The Depths at Loud Fest NJ


We hung out at Loud Fest this past weekend in Freehold, NJ at Gamechanger World to see sets from the likes of Cane Hill, The Plot In You, Emarosa and more. While the music venue’s sound seriously sucked and messed with the quality of a lot of the performances, it was still a fun day of local and big name music.

HXC Magazine had two interviews lined up that day: One with From The Depths, a local Jersey band, and one with The Plot In You. This is the first of those two interviews. So say hello to the guys in From The Depths and find out why the local scene is, as drummer Tim Byrd says, “about coming together, not growing apart”. #DefendJersey

Record Review: Blessthefall – ‘To Those Left Behind’


Blessthefall’s latest and fifth album, To Those Left Behind, is, regrettably, more forgetful than their last endeavor, Hollow Bodies. This is one of the softest metalcore albums ever, which isn’t necessarily bad. Some people are into that. The rhythms are catchy and the unclean vocals are on point when they show up. The record’s largest flaw however is that the songs, for the most part, stand well enough alone to earn themselves a play or two, but one after the other is more of a burden than a pleasure. In short, the songs are extremely repetitive. It’s not only that each song is formulaic, but that they all blend together.

You’ve heard all Blessthefall has given in To Those Left Behind after the first half of the album. (Thankfully, there is always their past to remind you that this is not all the band has to offer.) Songs like “Decayer” and “Dead Air” offer little glimpses into Blessthefall’s harder side. “Decayer” starts off quietly and then springs into aggressive metalcore instrumentals with some hard unclean vocals giving a false sense that the record is going to be equally brutal.

Then you get to “Keep What We Love & Burn the Rest,” which could easily be found on a local alt rock radio station. The majority of the tracks lean more toward this sound. Blessthefall’s direction is clear, and the harder verses on the album are an attempt to hold on to their oldest fans, but it might be too little too late. Unfortunately, there is no sign of the breathless, impassioned screaming that was the norm in Blessthefall’s first couple of albums. That being said, if any one of these songs were to pop up on a shuffled playlist, it wouldn’t be so bad to have in the background.

by David Marulanda

Two and Half Star Rating

Video Premiere: Blessthefall “Walk On Water”


Blessthefall have released a new music/lyric video for “Walk On Water,” and you better get your spell book out. The video follows a girl into the woods where she dabbles in a little BTF-style witchcraft. Are you game?

Information about the new record, To Those Left Behind, and all of the new pre-order options will be available tonight at 9pm PT/ Midnight ET.  Let us know what you think of the new song!

Blessthefall Announce New Album ‘To Those Left Behind’

to those left behindMetalcore titans Blessthefall have just announced the title and the date of release for their fifth full-length record. The album, To Those Left Behind, will be available via Fearless Records on September 18th. The band will also be playing the Vans Warped Tour main stage this summer, as they ride the success of their last album, Hollow Bodies, which came in at No. 1 on the Hard Rock Charts and No. 15 on Billboard’s Top 200.

No new singles have been released as of yet, but while you count down the seconds, remind yourself of what chart-topping Blessthefall sounds like with the title track of their last record.


Keep Warm This Winter

Keep Warm This Winter

Cold got you down? Temperatures far below 32 degrees keeping you holed up on the couch? Fear not!  We’ve got 10 great tracks for you right here that will help you trek through the harsh winter outside and remind you of the warmer weather right on the horizon.  Take a look at our ten tracks to keep you warm this winter:

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Christopher Tito of Zoúme

Photo by Brenda Céspedes.

Webster Hall is a New York City music venue needing no introduction; a fact well-represented by the black-lettered “Most Tweeted Venue of 2014” printed above the entrance. Yet while many know of the neon-clothed ravers that attend the EDM shows held there, The Studio in the basement remains a haven for the hardcore. It is there in that dark cove of headbangers that we at HXC Magazine became aware of a person who occupies the venue as if he himself holds up the walls. Without fail, every time we attended a show at The Studio @ Webster Hall this person, to whom we affectionately referred as the “Kellin Quinn look-alike,” (so dubbed because the resemblance has affirmed my belief in doppelgängers) would be front and center. He became a fixture for us, a kind of skinny-jean’ed Where’s Waldo. Upon attending the Palisades album release show on January 6th and witnessing him hop on stage for a fierce vocal guest spot during For All I Am’s set, we learned his name is Christopher Tito, he is the vocalist for the NYC metalcore/post-hardcore band Zoúme, and he is an HXC Diehard.

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