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Record Review: Spoken ‘Breathe Again’


Breathe Again is Spoken‘s eighth studio album, and it definitely has the polished sound of a band so advanced in their career. This record is radio rock made heavy. It’s got the catchiness of an arena band and the edge of a grungy music hall outfit. Songs like “Hold On” could easily blare through your car speakers when you turn on your favorite hits station, while bangers like “Beyond The Stars” and the title track featuring Matty Mullins (Memphis May Fire) touch on the more melodic side of the hard rock underground.

With Breath Again, Spoken offers technical precision in their songwriting and true emotion in Matt Baird’s vocals. However, that same technicality and smoothness is both its greatest asset and arguably its biggest detraction. Depending on who you are, its glossy sound could be a slight deterrent or it could make the album alluringly accessible. Either way, you have to admit to the fact that Breathe Again is a well put together product. That being said, once you listen to a few songs, you pretty much know the direction the rest of the album will take.

On the whole, Breathe Again is a solid record, and one that you’ll want to listen to again, just maybe not one that will move mountains.

Three and Half Star Rating