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LIVE SHOTS: Warped Tour 2016 @ Holmdel, NJ

Oh man, oh man, oh man. It’s that time of year again. We caught the Holmdel, NJ date of the 2016 Vans Warped Tour and had the good fortune of watching, photographing, and moshing to bands like Every Time I Die, Old Wounds, Capsize, Ice Nine Kills and more! Check out some of our shots from that hot, hot day and see you punks again next year!

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Motionless In White Sign To Roadrunner Records, Stream New Single “570”

Photo by Travis Shinn

Since their departure from Fearless Records, Motionless In White have left their future pretty vague. Until now, that is. The band have officially announced that they’ve inked a deal with Roadrunner Records, and to celebrate the union, they’ve released their first new single, “570.”

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Record Review: Cane Hill Self-Titled EP


Rise Records new addition, Cane Hill, finally released their self-titled EP after such a long wait. Their single “Sunday School” originally came out just over a year ago, although it’s only been in the past few months that the band released two other singles, “Ox Blood” and “Time Bomb.” Yet despite the time it took for the album to be released, it’s finally in our grasp and is worth checking out.

Only a 7 track album, Cane Hill’s self-titled EP is quite refreshing. It starts off with “Ox Blood”—fast, heavy and chaotic. The riffs and guitars of “Time Bomb” have some real weight behind them, giving the listener the fuel to thrash around and break shit. The vocals have some nice range as well, for Elijah Witt varies between low-toned spoken word sections followed by a mix between mid and low pitched screaming. For most of their songs, this kind of vocal variation gives a nice dark and twisted feel, especially with the lyrical content.

It’s the following songs that demonstrate their “Nü” side. Both “Screwtape” and “Gemini” have an extreme Korn vibe and the influence is easily noticeable. It works well in their favor and it’s not overused as they still maintain their own sound. These two songs also feature clean singing which is surprising since the three singles released showed no signs that actual singing would be involved in the album. Yet the revival of these old school metal vibes is refreshing and haunting. That being said, I wish there was more of it. Only having 7 tracks is disappointing, especially since there are some real quality songs on this album including “French 75.” This song actually features all cleans and Witt even has a similar sound to Chris Motionless of Motionless In White (which could also be compared to Marilyn Manson). “French 75” also has an unspecified guest female vocalist who not only has a beautiful voice, but is the star of the song and makes it worth replaying. The album concludes with two heavier songs, “The Fat of the Land” and “Sunday School,” which are both solid tracks to get the listener pumped. Ironically, when “Sunday School” comes to a conclusion with the lyrics “It never ends,” it actually does end the album.

Although the Cane Hill EP is short in length, it doesn’t take away from the quality of each song. Whether it’s the heavy bangers (“Time Bomb,” “The Fat of the Land”) or even Korn-esque songs (“Screwtape,” “Gemini”), Cane Hill has versatility and a fresh take while dipping into the past for inspiration. The EP is filled with surprises, and while I understand they want each song to have a sense of individuality, additional songs in similar styles of what was already shown could have made this album a more fulfilling and less jarring one. Cane Hill’s self-titled EP is not for everyone, especially since it’s a bit outside of the box, yet those who enjoy Nü-metal or just dark and twisted music will appreciate this new release. 

by Justin LaMot

Four Star Rating

Interview: Zoúme Show Us Their NYC


A big part of being “in and of the scene” is being invested in local music. In this interview with Zoúme, the budding New York City band take HXC Magazine on a tour of their favorite spots. From big name venues like Irving Plaza and Webster Hall to world famous punk landmark Trash & Vaudeville, we shed some light on who three of the five Zoúme members actually are. Find out which of these guys showed up to a concert in a full suit, which one wouldn’t mind being on tour with the Jonas Brothers, and which one only started eating bagels last week. (P.S. – Along the way we also run into members of other NYC bands like Sylar and Perspectives! So make sure you watch the full video.)

Motionless In White Play NYC’s Irving Plaza

Photo by Natasha Van Duser
Photo by Natasha Van Duser

There’s something almost off-putting about watching Motionless In White frontman, Chris Motionless, be happy.  The gothcore vocalist has been publicized time and time again for his dark, brooding and angry rants either in his music or on his blogs. So when it came time to watch Motionless’ set at the New York date of the Beyond the Barricade Tour, seeing a smiling Chris Motionless graciously thanking the crowd for selling out the venue back to back and laughing pleasantly in awe of his fans was a true spectacle to see.

But Motionless and the rest of his band have a reason to be so full of life on stage after the great critical reception of Reincarnate, their third full-length and redemption to their prior release, Infamous.  The fact of the matter is that in times when Motionless In White may have fallen short in part to strange recording choices or imitations of industrial bands and Marilyn Manson, their live show will always blow you away.  Now with a record even I feel I can stand behind out on shelves and iTunes, the Motionless crew should be enjoying every last second of their stage time.  And hot damn, did they blow me away.

Whether they were playing throwback classics like “Abigail” or newer tracks like “Reincarnate,” every track felt like a theatrical performance on steroids. The show even featured cameos from the lovely Ash Costello of New Years Day and Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills. Halfway through the set their logo backdrop even fell to the ground revealing a second and highly haunting image of bassist Ghost screen shot from the “Break The Cycle” music video.

It’s clear that when Motionless In White write their music they also prepare each track to work into their live show. That’s why so many have great call and response moments.  From screaming “D-E-A-D” for “Dead As Fuck” to fan favorite “America” (A-M-E-R-I-C-A!!!) the band held the audience captivated by their performance even when the breakdowns weren’t as hard- hitting.

Though Chris Motionless got a little chatty throughout his set, it was acceptable since he was in no way preaching to the crowd.  He spent every second behind the mic filled with genuine gratitude, constantly thanking his fans for getting his band to play an amazing sold out show. When they came out to play their encore, “Devil’s Night,” you can only imagine how hard the crowd went to show their gratitude for one hell of performance.

Video Premiere: Motionless In White “Break The Cycle”

Industrial gothcore rockers, Motionless In White are known for their shocking, disturbing, and unsettling music videos.  Constantly pushing the limits of your comfort zone, MIW typically focus on death, corruption, and overall unpleasantness with their visuals while keeping it all wrapped up nicely in a highly artistic and surprisingly tasteful bow.  Their latest video for their second single off of Reincarnate, “Break The Cycle,” presents MIW in a more tamed light while still upholding their classic gothic aesthetic.  Set in a candle-lit Victorian-era room, the band fade back and forth between playing their instruments to fighting their rather frightening-looking inner demons.  The gore, the horror, and the eerie ambiance are all present, but masked in subtlety that makes them so much more alluring.  Check out the video here and let us know what you think!