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CELLAR DOOR SESSIONS: Episode 2 “The Records That Changed It All”

The second episode of HXC Magazine‘s Cellar Door Sessions podcast is here and this time we talk about the records that changed it all. The key records that shaped our music tastes and who we are today. Not only do we talk about blasts from the past, but we name a few contemporary records that you definitely need to check out right now! If you like Whitechapel, Senses Fail, Get Scared, Hundredth, Vanna, Beartooth, Taking Back Sunday and more, listen to this episode of The Cellar Door Sessions ~creeaaaakk~.

RECORD REVIEW: Beartooth – ‘Aggressive’

It’s been two years since Beartooth‘s last album and finally the wait is over! Their new album Aggressive has been out for over a week now and for the most part has gotten some mixed reviews from TOOF fans.
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Beartooth Release Exclusive B-Side “Sick Of It All”

Beartooth have just premiered a B-side from their 2014 record Disgusting called “Sick Of It All” as part of Red Bull‘s “20 Before 16” campaign, in which Red Bull shares 20 new exclusive tracks from 20 artists in the last days before the new year. To stream and get a free download of the exclusive Beartooth track, follow this link. And be quick, because there are only a certain amount of downloads available! Be sure let us know what you think of it!

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Top 10 HXC Approved Albums of 2014

10 Best Albums of 2014

2014 was a huge year for music.  We saw the first time a band from the post-hardcore scene put on a music festival that was entirely in, of and for the scene with A Day To Remember’s Self Help Fest.  We watched the aftermath of My Chemical Romance’s breakup dissolve into glorified solo projects. The Bury The Hatchet Tour finally happened, marking a long awaited resolution between Escape the Fate and Falling in Reverse. And hell, even Taylor Swift gets a shout out since more hardcore-influenced bands covered her songs than ever before.   So the real question is: what were the best musical moments of the year?  Check out our editors’ picks for the Top Albums of 2014 in no particular order and let us know what some of your favorites were!

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