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Interview: Zoúme Show Us Their NYC


A big part of being “in and of the scene” is being invested in local music. In this interview with Zoúme, the budding New York City band take HXC Magazine on a tour of their favorite spots. From big name venues like Irving Plaza and Webster Hall to world famous punk landmark Trash & Vaudeville, we shed some light on who three of the five Zoúme members actually are. Find out which of these guys showed up to a concert in a full suit, which one wouldn’t mind being on tour with the Jonas Brothers, and which one only started eating bagels last week. (P.S. – Along the way we also run into members of other NYC bands like Sylar and Perspectives! So make sure you watch the full video.)

Escape The Fate Announce Tour w/ A Skylit Drive & More

escape the fate_hate me

Escape The Fate are buzzing right now. Why? The band have announced that their new album, Hate Me, will be available on October 30th. They’ve also announced an album tour which kicks off on October 13 in Anaheim, CA. Supporting ETF are bands A Skylit Drive, Sworn In, Sirens & Sailors and Myka Relocate. Judging by the lineup, it looks like this could be one hell of a show.

But that’s not all! You can get a free download of the new Escape The Fate single, “Just A Memory,” if you sign up for their mailing list HERE.

Get your tickets to the Hate Me Tour this friday, and while you’re here, check out the tour dates and some new tarot card-inspired artwork. (*Wink, wink* Sworn In.)

hate me tour flyer

Video Premiere: BFMV “You Want A Battle? (Here’s A War)”

bfmv heres a war musicvid

Bullet For My Valentine have released a music video for their new track “You Want A Battle? (Here’s A War)”, and as the name suggests, it’s a doozy.

BFMV aren’t the first to make a music video about social issues like abuse. Escape The Fate stood against bullying in their music video for “Ungrateful”; Beartooth did the same for domestic violence with “Beaten In Lips.” However, in terms of explicit content, “You Want A Battle? (Here’s A War)” shows us another type of despicable family dynamic. The video, directed by Stuart Birchall, follows a troubled teen and her mother through a cycle of vicious abuse at the hands of the father/husband. The two women decide to take fate into their own hands, illustrating how violence and abuse can lead to all kinds of terrible outcomes.

If anything, this music video and others like it show us two things. First, that human beings commit terrible acts against one another and unfortunately it’s all too common. But second, and most importantly, that metal (and hardcore, and punk, etc.) are genres that understand that and seek to confront these issues head on. Bands like BFMV speak up when other artists just won’t go there, and the hope is that it will help do some good. And for what it’s worth, the song is pretty badass, too.

Bullet For My Valentine’s new album, Venom, will be out August 14.

If you or anyone you know are in need of help please use the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Escape The Fate are Obsessed with Dubsmash and It’s Hilarious

dubsmash craig mabbitt
Craig Mabbitt does Gollum impressions with Dubsmash.

While we at HXC Magazine pride ourselves on writing editorial content that makes you think, we do like to goof off every now and then. That’s what our ‘Shit Hardcore Kids Say’ section is for; those pieces of the scene that make us laugh (at ourselves) and those random corners of the internet that you like to share with your friends. Apparently, Escape The Fate love goofing off, too.

Anyone who follows ETF vocalist Craig Mabbitt and guitarist TJ Bell on Instagram is aware that these two never fully grew up, and you’ve got to love them for it. It seems they’ve been getting really into the Dubsmash App lately, which allows you to sample soundbites from your favorite songs, movies, shows, etc. and make videos with them. Who knows how much work these guys are getting done on the new album–which they’re recording right now–but they’re definitely adding bullet points to their comedy resumes.

Catch these fools and the rest of Escape The Fate on Warped Tour this summer!