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Live Shots: Hawthorne Heights at Hashtag Bar

Hawthorne Heights took Staten Island for the first time in all their years as a band to play their first album, The Silence In Black And White, front to back. The band time traveled with this New York crowd back to 2004 with the record that sparked it all. Playing hits like “Niki FM” and “Silver Bullet” sent the room into an uproar of nostalgia, but the grand finale of “Ohio Is For Lovers” was what did away with the line between stage and floor.

Check out the live photos from last night’s show at the Hashtag Bar in the gallery below.

All photos by Natasha Van Duser.

Live Shots: Awake At Last at Hashtag Bar

Last night the five guys in Awake At Last took to the stage at Staten Island’s premiere venue Hashtag Bar.  A real punk gem in the making, Hashtag Bar hosts everything from a killer sound system to a snake habitat, and even has its own defunct air hockey table. But no one last night was there for snakes or games, just real up close and personal rock ‘n’ roll. Check out the gallery below to see some of our favorite snap shots from Awake At Last’s performance.

All photos by Taylor Markarian.