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Music Video Of The Week: August Burns Red “Identity”


Is it any wonder we picked August Burns Red‘s music video for “Identity” as our music video of the week? Battling sharks with tridents, swimming with schools of cartoon fish, and turning into mermaids–what more could you ask of modern metal? The band’s hilarious animated undersea antics totally don’t match the vibe of a song as heavy as this one, but maybe that’s the point. Found In Far Away Places is a record with some serious themes, so why not lighten things up a bit? Watch the full music video below and let us know what you’d do if you could be Poseidon for a day.

August Burns Red Release New Single “Identity”

Photo taken from band's Facebook page
Photo taken from band’s Facebook page

Earlier this week, Pennsylvania-native metal band August Burns Red debuted the second single off of their upcoming album, Found In Far Away Places. This will be the band’s seventh album and their first studio release after joining Fearless Records. The new single, entitled “Identity,” consistent with August Burns Red fashion, combines an ultra-melodic chorus with heavy riffs and vocals laden with emotion.

One of if not the best parts of this track is its radical surf tremolo picking verse/interlude. The segment gives the song a vintage, West Coast feel and keeps the listener guessing at what might follow. The lyrics to the song are powerful and expressive, nodding to self-acceptance in the face of criticism. The song ends with the repetition of, “I’m standing firm/ It’s who I am, who I am/ You can’t keep me, you can’t keep me down/ Im moving on/ I’m living free, living free/ You cant stop me, you can’t stop me now.” The lyrics are certainly empowering and can hold meaning for any individual, no matter the circumstance.

“Identity” proves that ABR has still got it, consistently finding new ways to bring something fresh to the metalcore genre. Speaking recently with The Aquarian in regards to the new album and the band’s unique musical choices, guitarist JB Brubaker said, “We aren’t trying to reinvent the metalcore genre, but we certainly aren’t interested in sounding like the latest wave of bands.” If “Identity” is indicative of the sound of Found in Far Away Places, fans have nothing to worry about.

Found In Far Away Places will be released by Fearless Records on June 30th. Give the new single a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments!

by Kelly Fay