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Ghost Key Vocalist Austin O’Brien Opens Up About Depression With New Record

Photo by Rich Weinberger, Casket House & Co.

Fortunately, mental health issues like depression, anxiety and other mood disorders are getting more awareness. More people are opening up about their struggles and trying to get rid of the stigma that depression isn’t a serious clinical problem. Ghost Key vocalist Austin O’Brien is one of those people. With the band’s new record, If I Don’t Make It, coming out on February 17th via InVogue Records, he finally shares his own story.  

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Follow My Lead “Jugular”

After (briefly) signing with Fearless Records and parting ways with vocalist Mattie Foxx, Follow My Lead have finally come back with new single “Jugular” off their upcoming record Spit, Kick, Revolt. New member Danny Bochkov has stepped in on vocals for the new album, which will be released via InVogue Records on June 17th.

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Music Video Of The Week: For All I Am “Young Grave”

For All I Am aren’t afraid to sneer and growl with the heaviest of their hardcore counterparts, which is why their video for “Young Grave” provides such an emotionally striking contrast. Almost entirely composed of melodic vocals and relatively minimal instrumentation, this track expertly builds tension for the biting screams and bolder sounds to cut through at the climax. Set in a small, windowless room and never allowing any of the band members to appear in the same shot, the video itself matches the minimalist style of the song, except for intriguing little embellishments here and there; wind flipping through the pages of a book, a girl lighting a candle. Yet the most important thing here is clearly the message: “Write a song that’ll change your life one day / Where the harmful words of other people dim away.” Watch the video below and listen to a song that might just do the same for you.

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