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Music Video of the Week: Sleeping With Sirens “Kick Me”


Here at HXC we believe that no artist should ever separate the audience from the show.  With barriers and crowd surfing bans constantly popping up in the scene, getting up close and personal with the music is an ever dwindling phenomenon.  Luckily, there are bands like Sleeping With Sirens who haven’t yet raised themselves onto that pretentious pedestal.  This week’s music video pick, therefore, is SWS’s first single off their upcoming record Madness, “Kick Me.” While SWS’s last record, Feel, felt like an overwrought montage of Kellin Quinn’s face, “Kick Me” represents the old school vibe of SWS that fans first fell in love with.  With a catchy chorus, emotionally charged vocals, and lyrics that actually have something to say, “Kick Me” is an anthem with a video to prove it.  For the first time in a long time, Quinn is not the central focus of the video, instead the band opted to bring out a bunch of diehard SWS fans and allow them to get their time to shine in the spotlight singing and jumping along with both the band and other diehards alike.  So check out this video and let us know if you like where the new Sleeping With Sirens is headed!

(Anti) Valentine’s Day Playlist

anti valentines dayThe holiday with perhaps the most obvious money-making agenda, Valentine’s Day still manages to conjure up plenty of feelings. There are rumors floating around that it’s supposed to be a happy day, but the people who whispered them have been properly disposed of by now, we’re almost sure. Whether you’re single or not, it’s a day that can bring with it added, needless pressures. To help you cope with the annual annoyance, we’ve reached into the vault and created a playlist that screams, jeers, and even laughs the angst away.

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Christopher Tito of Zoúme

Photo by Brenda Céspedes.

Webster Hall is a New York City music venue needing no introduction; a fact well-represented by the black-lettered “Most Tweeted Venue of 2014” printed above the entrance. Yet while many know of the neon-clothed ravers that attend the EDM shows held there, The Studio in the basement remains a haven for the hardcore. It is there in that dark cove of headbangers that we at HXC Magazine became aware of a person who occupies the venue as if he himself holds up the walls. Without fail, every time we attended a show at The Studio @ Webster Hall this person, to whom we affectionately referred as the “Kellin Quinn look-alike,” (so dubbed because the resemblance has affirmed my belief in doppelgängers) would be front and center. He became a fixture for us, a kind of skinny-jean’ed Where’s Waldo. Upon attending the Palisades album release show on January 6th and witnessing him hop on stage for a fierce vocal guest spot during For All I Am’s set, we learned his name is Christopher Tito, he is the vocalist for the NYC metalcore/post-hardcore band Zoúme, and he is an HXC Diehard.

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