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Turncoat Talk Hardcore, Local Detroit Scene, Rick & Morty

First of all, thank you Austin, Jim, Keith, and Nick for taking the time to chat with HXC Magazine. Congratulations on the self-titled EP. We love it and we can’t wait for more.
What else is in the works for Turncoat, you guys as individuals, or both?

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Diehard Profile: Dean Santa

“The goal was exposing fans to a variety of bands and we did just that.”

What happens when a show gets cancelled? You turn it into an all day music festival instead. At least, that’s what Dean Santa, 23, of Staten Island did, and that decision has started to put some life into the local scene. Even if it was all by accident.

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LIVE SHOTS: Not So Summer Slam ’16

When you go to a date of a big headlining tour with hundreds of other people in the room and a stage yards away and above, you can have tons of fun. But spending a whole day in a small room of locals where everyone knows each other and bands and fans share the same graffitied floor is a different feeling altogether. You’re not there for a show anymore, you’re there because you’re a bunch of people who connect through loud sounds and spray painted walls.

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Interview: From The Depths at Loud Fest NJ


We hung out at Loud Fest this past weekend in Freehold, NJ at Gamechanger World to see sets from the likes of Cane Hill, The Plot In You, Emarosa and more. While the music venue’s sound seriously sucked and messed with the quality of a lot of the performances, it was still a fun day of local and big name music.

HXC Magazine had two interviews lined up that day: One with From The Depths, a local Jersey band, and one with The Plot In You. This is the first of those two interviews. So say hello to the guys in From The Depths and find out why the local scene is, as drummer Tim Byrd says, “about coming together, not growing apart”. #DefendJersey

Video Premiere: Heroes “Never Enough”


Born out of the NYC/NJ areas, we love to rep bands from our home base. It’s an exciting scene exploding with talent deserving of larger recognition. One such band is Heroes, New York City hardcore/metalcore outfit, who just released a new music video for their song “Never Enough.” The video takes you through a day of that NYC grind and is as DIY as it gets. But it’s the song that will keep you hitting replay, with its painstaking honesty and The Ghost Inside-esque rhythms. And speaking of which, they’ll be opening for TGI on November 9th at Webster Hall in NYC for the Locals Only tour, so get your tickets! Trust us. You’ll love it.

Interview: Zoúme Show Us Their NYC


A big part of being “in and of the scene” is being invested in local music. In this interview with Zoúme, the budding New York City band take HXC Magazine on a tour of their favorite spots. From big name venues like Irving Plaza and Webster Hall to world famous punk landmark Trash & Vaudeville, we shed some light on who three of the five Zoúme members actually are. Find out which of these guys showed up to a concert in a full suit, which one wouldn’t mind being on tour with the Jonas Brothers, and which one only started eating bagels last week. (P.S. – Along the way we also run into members of other NYC bands like Sylar and Perspectives! So make sure you watch the full video.)

Need-To-Know: Zoúme

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.19.49 PM

HXC Magazine spoke with Zoúme‘s vocalist Chris Tito a while back for our Diehards section after we got sick of running into him at New York City shows and not knowing who he was. (Fun Fact: As he went to give me a hug once, he accidentally punched co-editor Natasha Van Duser in the face. He’s a sweet guy though, really.) As it turns out, the local metalcore band he’s in is actually pretty dope. The five piece just premiered a new music video for their new single “Someday You’ll See,” and it may be safe to say that someday they’ll be proven right. The new track certainly sounds like these guys know what they’re doing and, though they’re young, has a mature metalcore sound far beyond their years. The video itself still has that local DIY feel to it, but the concept is thought-provoking and the song will definitely get stuck in your head. Be sure to check them out and keep an eye on Zoúme for the future!