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NEED-TO-KNOW: Wither Away

Melodic hardcore is a genre that truly needs the attention it deserves. You can probably count the number of current well known melodic hardcore bands on one hand. So let’s start recognizing bands of this genre that are coming out with great music. Wither Away, a band out of PA, have recently released their debut record, The Words We Live By, The Actions We Don’t Take. Give their single, “The Grand Tree,” a listen right here and let us know what you think!

wither away album

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK: The Funeral Portrait “Meanwhile”

The Funeral Portrait recently released a lyric video for their stand alone single “Meanwhile,” and it’s probably the best song they’ve written to date. While fans are still waiting on TFP’s next record (to follow their EP For The Dearly Departed), the appropriately titled single can keep you more than satisfied in the meantime. If this is what a one-off single sounds like, we certainly can’t wait to hear what TFP have in store for us next.

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Call It Home Premiere New Lyric Video For “The Departed”

Take a minute to live in a dark snow globe with Call It Home‘s new lyric video for “The Departed.” The Long Island based band was recently named one of the top NY bands to look out for by Alternative Press, and maybe this new track can show you why.

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Zoume “Lost Boy”

Want a lyric video with a little umph? Check out Zoume‘s new song “Lost Boy” and it’s black and white, horror themed video! Let us know what you think of it and be sure to catch these guys live March 8th at the Gramercy Theatre in NYC with the likes of The Word Alive and Fit For A King!

Need-To-Know: Vesta Collide


Vesta Collide, a five-piece metalcore act from Detroit, have just signed with Stay Sick Recordings and released a music video for their song “VII”, and they’ve certainly caught our attention. “VII” moves from heavy, early-Asking Alexandria type riffage and unclean vocals to ethereal melodies to eerie synth embellishments, and does so pretty seamlessly. Check out the music video below to listen to this new sick jam and definitely keep an eye on these guys and the rest of the Stay Sick bands!

Want MORE Vesta Collide? Check out the lyric video for “Moondancer” HERE.

Music Video Of The Week: Get Scared “R.I.P.”


Nowadays the only clear distinction between a lyric video and a traditional music video is the addition of, well, lyrics. Lyric videos, like this one for “R.I.P.” by Get Scared, now tend to carry the same kind of visual storytelling that regular music videos do, only with more graphics involved. This particular video is damn creepy and damn well done. A huge, decrepit, black and white mansion with otherworldly, painted black figures stalking the halls make this lyric video worth watching for more than just sing-a-long purposes. Check out the video below, and be sure to pick up a copy of Get Scared’s new album, Demons, on October 30th.

Video Premiere: Blessthefall “Walk On Water”


Blessthefall have released a new music/lyric video for “Walk On Water,” and you better get your spell book out. The video follows a girl into the woods where she dabbles in a little BTF-style witchcraft. Are you game?

Information about the new record, To Those Left Behind, and all of the new pre-order options will be available tonight at 9pm PT/ Midnight ET.  Let us know what you think of the new song!

Stray From The Path Release Lyric Video for “Badge & A Bullet Part II”


Stray From The Path are back again with a lyric video for “Badge & A Bullet Part II,” a track off their upcoming album Subliminal Criminals. The song is an unadulterated, angry sequel to “Badge & A Bullet,” from the band’s 2013 record, Anonymous. Denouncing police brutality and corruption, Part II screams “Which side are you walking on?” as the video overlays text with scenes of violence at the hands of officers of the law. The lack of justice and accountability for police earns a comparison to “Germany in ‘42,” which may be a little heavy-handed, but the red-tinted footage of law enforcement gang-beating unarmed people argues otherwise. The song claims it’s the boys in blue versus the rest of us, and with vocals overpowering the rhythmic guitars, it’s one of the catchiest hateful songs I’ve heard this year.

by David Marulanda 

Jarrod Alonge Releases Album, ‘Beating A Dead Horse’

A lot of people like to make fun of metal and hardcore, but no one enjoys it as much as metalheads and hardcore kids do. It turns out the old saying is right: If you can’t beat ’em, join em. Literally. One of the foremost satirists of the underground, Jarrod Alonge, dropped his parody album today, appropriately titled Beating A Dead Horse.

Satirizing major tropes of the scene from idolized misogyny (“Misogyneric feat. Mattie Montgomery”) to Chiodos and The Devil Wears Prada-style song names (“The Distance Between You and Me is Longer Than the Title of This Song”), it’s clear that Alonge wants you to laugh, but just maybe to think a little bit, too. The YouTuber pokes fun at everything from pop punk to breakdowns, and also the fact that he’s totally getting away with it.

So take a few minutes out of crying over your ex and ordering pizza to listen to the album and let us know what you think! For a taste of the (almost) plagiarism, check out the lyric video below to “Hey Jarrod, What’s That Song Again?” and see how many bands you can name that get ripped off in four minutes.

Senses Fail Release “All You Need Is Already Within You”

Senses Fail have released their first new single of 2015, a b-side from their upcoming record Pull The Thorns From Your Heart. A decidedly heavier track than anything from the band’s first few albums, this single takes the more hardcore punk-oriented sounds of their 2013 record, Renacer, even further. “All You Need Is Already Within You” will be one of four tracks to be released on a special split with Man Overboard on March 3rd, available for pre-order NOW.

Catch Senses Fail on tour with Bayside, Man Overboard, and Seaway.