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For Today at the Rock’n Derby

Because the press tent was actually a “press barn” at the Rock’n Derby Festival, I forced vocalist Mattie Montgomery of For Today to sit in a tiny, uncomfortable wooden chair that we can only assume is usually used for milking cows. In this video interview, he tells HXC Magazine about his favorite songs from Wake and just how awkward it is to be here.

LIVE SHOTS: Rock’n Derby’s 1st Year, New York

The Rock’n Derby was a weird little festival very much off the beaten path. In Schaghticoke, NY, bands from Stray From The Path, to Halestorm, to A Day To Remember gave performances on Saturday, May 21st–just one of the three days of the event. Nestled in rural New York, the festival featured not only bands, however, but wrestling and demolition derby. It also featured some not so cool things, like a surprising number of Confederate flags, only further proving my personal theory that if you drive far enough north (or in any direction, really) you eventually hit The South. 

Check out some shots we got from this one-of-a-kind festival. Banged-up cars, face-painted wrestlers, and Levi Benton? Yup. All here.

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