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Music Video Of The Week: Disruption “Skylines” feat. Shawn Milke


Being that it is October and Halloween is clearly the most fun holiday, this horror-inspired music video by Disruption just had to be our pick of the week. The band’s music video for “Skylines” starts out with the classic trope, “Whatever you do, don’t watch the tape.” We are then introduced to a nightmare figure with a top hat and talons and–surprise, surprise–Shawn Milke from Alesana, who, given the dark and creepy nature of the video, fits right in. After an exhilarating intro, the song alternates between several rounds of guitar soloing and pretty standard metalcore strumming. While this is the band’s debut music video, Disruption has some killer potential, and we sure won’t hesitate to bang our heads to this one. Check out the video for “Skylines” below.

Music Video Of The Week: August Burns Red “Identity”


Is it any wonder we picked August Burns Red‘s music video for “Identity” as our music video of the week? Battling sharks with tridents, swimming with schools of cartoon fish, and turning into mermaids–what more could you ask of modern metal? The band’s hilarious animated undersea antics totally don’t match the vibe of a song as heavy as this one, but maybe that’s the point. Found In Far Away Places is a record with some serious themes, so why not lighten things up a bit? Watch the full music video below and let us know what you’d do if you could be Poseidon for a day.

Music Video Of The Week: Parkway Drive “Crushed”


Parkway Drive seem to be really into messing with gravity lately, only with this music video for new single “Crushed” the circumstance is a little different than jumping out of a plane. In a surreal twist that’s somewhere between the cinematography of The Seventh Seal and The Fountain, the human world is at the mercy of these gold-painted figures. In a game where the guys in Parkway Drive (and the rest of mankind) are the pawns, will we all be, as they say, “crushed by the fist of God” or will human determination prevail? Watch the video below to find out!

Music Video Of The Week: WCAR “Regenerate”

regenerate musicvid

While you’re waiting for We Came As Romans to release their self-titled album on July 24th, hold yourself over with the music video for their single “Regenerate.” Continuing with their signature optimism, this pit-maker is all about coming together to create a better future. Battle cries from vocalists Dave Stephens and Kyle Pavone echo from the middle of a vast circle pit: “This is our time to restore the faith/ Regenerate, we will be the change.” And hey, if that isn’t enough to inspire you, stay tuned for the end to watch them take baseball bats to a car. Everyone needs a little catharsis now and then, and the fans in this video sure seem to be enjoying it.

Music Video Of The Week: Parkway Drive “Vice Grip”

parkway drive skydiving

Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive are due to release their fifth studio album, Ire, this September via Epitaph Records. The music video for the album’s first single, “Vice Grip,” was released last week, and it’s not your run of the mill music video. Why? Because the entire band literally jump out of a plane midway through.

From the very beginning, the positive message Parkway Drive aim to deliver is palpable. The song screams redemption and hope with lines: “The chains set to break your soul/ Day by day/ You know the choice you have to make/ Freeze up and fade/ Or be the flame that lights the way.” Group vocals join in to express the band’s call for people to help one another, echoed in the performance they give after their big dive.

Ire will be available in stores September 25th and is now available for preorder. Check out the flying Australians below.

by David Marulanda

Music Video Of The Week: Stray From The Path “Outbreak”


“The poison is the antidote.”

From Long Island hardcore band Stray From The Path comes “Outbreak,” a catchy hardcore call to arms against the corruption and avarice of Big Pharma. It’s melodic, angry, loud, and clear. You get sick, you’re prescribed pills, and the pills lead to more pills to combat the effects of the first prescription all the while Big Pharma is cashing in: “Lab coat killer, hundred dollar biller, Automatically ill, bank roll filler.”

Stray From the Path have so far recorded seven albums and their eighth, Subliminal Criminals, is coming in August. The video for “Outbreak,” a single off that album, was released earlier last week. It’s a lo-fi, 90’s-esque, fast-paced video showcasing a family having pills for dinner until the son has unquestionably had enough.

Check the video below and pre-order Subliminal Criminals here.

by David Marulanda


Music Video Of The Week: Terror “Live By The Code”

terror live by the code

If you want to know what a hardcore show can be like, look no further than Terror’s “Live By The Code.” The iconic band have been a staple of the hardcore scene for over a decade and this video can give you a glimpse as to why that is. Between the simple chords and the half-barked vocals are the people that make up a community. To the unfamiliar eye, it may seem like they’re all abusing each other, but really a show like this one stands for the very ethos of the genre. It’s aggressive, sure, but it’s also a home. The lyrics themselves are a kind of ode to that belief: “Desperation,the broken, we found honor/ Live by the code, the music and our culture/ Live by the code, the roots and the ethics they have taught us.” It’s what hardcore was founded on way back when, and it still looks like a hell of a lot of fun to me.

Music Video Of The Week: Marmozets “Why Do You Hate Me?”

marmozets why do you hate me

The video for Marmozets‘ “Why Do You Hate Me?” throws it back to late ’60s/early ’70s era punk with mod fashion and avant-garde, Warholesque photography. Frame splicing, time dilations, and grainy black & whites mix with neon-saturated takes for an art piece rather than just a run of the mill music vid. Taken from the band’s impressive debut record, The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets, “Why Do You Hate Me” flaunts the UK act’s particular brand of hard alternative punk. The stellar songwriting combined with Becca MacIntyre’s dynamic vocals that shift effortlessly between smooth cleans and gritty screams are both vintage and modern, mimicked by the music video in its visual style. Marmozets have their hands in several genres at once and it’s clear anything and everything is up for grabs.

Music Video Of The Week: For All I Am “Young Grave”

For All I Am aren’t afraid to sneer and growl with the heaviest of their hardcore counterparts, which is why their video for “Young Grave” provides such an emotionally striking contrast. Almost entirely composed of melodic vocals and relatively minimal instrumentation, this track expertly builds tension for the biting screams and bolder sounds to cut through at the climax. Set in a small, windowless room and never allowing any of the band members to appear in the same shot, the video itself matches the minimalist style of the song, except for intriguing little embellishments here and there; wind flipping through the pages of a book, a girl lighting a candle. Yet the most important thing here is clearly the message: “Write a song that’ll change your life one day / Where the harmful words of other people dim away.” Watch the video below and listen to a song that might just do the same for you.

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Music Video of the Week: Imora “If The Shoe Fits”


This week’s music video is a bit of a throwback.  Say hello to Imora, a Pennsylvania based post-hardcore band who seemed to kind of fall off the face of the earth after 2012. However, their single off their debut release, “If The Shoe Fits” is an incredible effort that makes the fact that the group seemed to fade away even sadder.  With catchy choruses (sung by the drummer no less), pounding unclean vocals, rolling guitar riffs and an overall intriguing visual aesthetic, “If the Shoe Fits” is a must listen to even if the band is seemingly no more.  So take a look at the video below and let us know what you think! Can short-lived bands make a lasting impact?