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EXCLUSIVE: Acaedia Premiere New Single “Risktaker”

Photo Credit: Andres Aponte (AndyOceans Photography)

Miami-based metalcore band Acaedia have partnered with us to bring you their newest single, “Risktaker”! Following their previous EP, Dawning, “Risktaker” is a standalone single to keep fans hyped as they work on writing a new EP for 2017. The new song was mixed and mastered by Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Wage War, Neck Deep), and if this is the first you’re hearing of these guys, you’ll definitely want to hear more after this. You can also watch their music video for “Rotten” here.

Character Development: What Would Frodo Listen To?

Lately, we’ve been wondering what our favorite characters would listen to if they weren’t off saving the world, destroying it, or doing whatever it is they do that makes us love them. So we’re kicking off a new, imaginative series of articles. First, here’s what we think Frodo would have on his Hobbit playlist if he were rockin’ out on his journey.

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Cruel Hand “Decompose”

Set to release their new record Your World Won’t Listen on September 9th via Hopeless Records, Cruel Hand have debuted a new music video for their new single off the record, “Decompose.” It’s heavy, it’s punky, and it’s catchy as hell. If you don’t pick up this record when it comes out, you’re missing out on a hell of a good time.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Knocked Loose “Deadringer”

Kentucky based hardcore band Knocked Loose are set to release their debut full-length record Laugh Tracks on September 16th via Pure Noise Records. With the news comes a new music video for their single “Deadringer,” which doesn’t even make it to the three minute mark but damn is it a rager. If you didn’t already have this band on your list, now you do. Also, that album artwork should make you an instant fan regardless.

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Music Video Of The Week + Q&A: We The Wild “Ol’ Boy”

We The Wild, an eclectic post-hardcore band from Portland, OR, released a new video for their single “Ol’ Boy” off their upcoming record From The Cities We Fled just a few weeks ago and we got to chat with them about it! The track has tons of energy and truly offers a unique sound, so watch the video and check out the brief Q&A with vocalist Ben Cline and guitarist and vocalist Miles Davenport below, during which he talks about the hardcore scene in the Northwest, what “Ol’ Boy” and the new record are all about, and why the cabin in the music video is more important than you’d think.

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Every Time I Die Stream First Single Off New Record ‘Low Teens’: “The Coin Has A Say”

Every Time I Die have released a grainy, lo-fi music video to go with their new single “The Coin Has A Say” and premiered it through…Rolling Stone? Looks like the infamous outlet has been digging a little deeper into the heavier realm lately, so good for them. As far as the song goes, it’s a solid, quick ETID banger that carries a lot of the same sound from their previous record, From Parts Unknown. The upcoming album, Low Teens, is now available for pre-order and has an official release date of September 23rd.

VIDEO REVIEW: What’s Right & Wrong with ISSUES ‘Headspace’

Video correspondent Mike McNamara is totally, 100%. completely, absolutely and unforgivably serious when he reviews the new Issues record, Headspace. Haven’t heard the album yet? Watch it. You have heard the album? Watch it and see your feelings get put into words. Funny words. Inspiring words. Words to shake the foundation of the world.

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Gatherers “A Recluse (On 8mm Film)”

Gatherers have premiered the music video for the ninth track on their album Quiet World, “A Recluse (On 8mm Film).” It’s a simple, straightforward video, kind of like the old home movies your parents used to shoot. Just the band and shades of black and red while the song reminisces about times long past. And emotions. Always emotions.

Need-To-Know: Wings Denied

This band’s wings may have been denied, but drummer Alec Kossof took them right back. How? Because he’s a professional acrobat. And no, we’re not making that up. But aside from that fun fact, Wings Denied is a need-to-know because their new EP Voyager is an excellent display of progressive metal. It’s got groove, it’s got melody, it’s got heaviness, and it dares to experiment. Want guitar solos? Right here. Want insane creativity? You got it. Voyager is a must have. Plus, they gave 10% of their physical pre-order money from this EP to benefit a seabird sanctuary. How fitting and how cute?

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Trade Wind “I Hope I Don’t Wake Up”

Stick To Your Guns vocalist Jesse Barnett’s other project, Trade Wind, are coming out with their debut full-length on July 15th. The record, You Make Everything Disappear, will be released through Graphic Nature Records/Equal Vision Records and is currently available for pre-order. The full-length follows up the band’s 2014 EP, Suffer Just To Believe, and will feature the track “I Hope I Don’t Wake Up,” for which they’ve just premiered the music video below. Check it out and be sure to grab your copy of the album!