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Top 10 HXC Approved Albums of 2015

 top ten 2015hxc

In no particular order, here are the HXC Magazine staff’s favorite records from 2015!

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Video Premiere: New Years Day “Kill Or Be Killed”


New Years Day is not typically in the realm of hardcore, but their newest releases have been far more on the heavier side than anything they’ve previously shown the world. Also, if you ever get a chance to catch them live (which you can all summer long on Warped Tour), you are guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised by how hard-hitting their shows can be. So check out their latest video for “Kill or Be Killed,” a single off of their upcoming album, Malevolence. There’s gore, shock rock, and a catchy chorus that gives us super high hopes for the upcoming record.  Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below!

Motionless In White Play NYC’s Irving Plaza

Photo by Natasha Van Duser
Photo by Natasha Van Duser

There’s something almost off-putting about watching Motionless In White frontman, Chris Motionless, be happy.  The gothcore vocalist has been publicized time and time again for his dark, brooding and angry rants either in his music or on his blogs. So when it came time to watch Motionless’ set at the New York date of the Beyond the Barricade Tour, seeing a smiling Chris Motionless graciously thanking the crowd for selling out the venue back to back and laughing pleasantly in awe of his fans was a true spectacle to see.

But Motionless and the rest of his band have a reason to be so full of life on stage after the great critical reception of Reincarnate, their third full-length and redemption to their prior release, Infamous.  The fact of the matter is that in times when Motionless In White may have fallen short in part to strange recording choices or imitations of industrial bands and Marilyn Manson, their live show will always blow you away.  Now with a record even I feel I can stand behind out on shelves and iTunes, the Motionless crew should be enjoying every last second of their stage time.  And hot damn, did they blow me away.

Whether they were playing throwback classics like “Abigail” or newer tracks like “Reincarnate,” every track felt like a theatrical performance on steroids. The show even featured cameos from the lovely Ash Costello of New Years Day and Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills. Halfway through the set their logo backdrop even fell to the ground revealing a second and highly haunting image of bassist Ghost screen shot from the “Break The Cycle” music video.

It’s clear that when Motionless In White write their music they also prepare each track to work into their live show. That’s why so many have great call and response moments.  From screaming “D-E-A-D” for “Dead As Fuck” to fan favorite “America” (A-M-E-R-I-C-A!!!) the band held the audience captivated by their performance even when the breakdowns weren’t as hard- hitting.

Though Chris Motionless got a little chatty throughout his set, it was acceptable since he was in no way preaching to the crowd.  He spent every second behind the mic filled with genuine gratitude, constantly thanking his fans for getting his band to play an amazing sold out show. When they came out to play their encore, “Devil’s Night,” you can only imagine how hard the crowd went to show their gratitude for one hell of performance.