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RECORD REVIEW: Landscapes – ‘Modern Earth’

UK band Landscapes pull off one of the most diverse sounding melodic hardcore records with Modern Earth. The gruff, desperate, and poignant vocals mixed with the brooding instrumentals give the album a sense of texture that is hard to match. From slow crooning songs “Remorser” and “Escapist” to sing-a-longs like “Neighbourhood,” it’s hard to pick a favorite. The clean vocals transition to uncleans so easily and the changing rhythms flow so naturally that listening to Modern Earth from beginning to end is like listening to a dark, sad and soothing lullaby. And as if the album didn’t have enough depth to offer, “Aurora” introduces an almost Shakespearean sense of drama and poetry with spoken rhymes about the cruelty of the world. The words themselves are so musical that you almost don’t realize there is no music to speak of on this track. To sum it up, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a record like this one anywhere else.

Four Star Rating



TWIABP&IANLATD. WTF, right? No, I didn’t just slam my face into the keyboard. The gibberish-looking acronym is (hilariously) shorthand for The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, an alternative band who have freshly signed with Epitaph Records. Self-described as “memo” and “not real,” TWIABP&IANLATD aren’t hardcore in terms of their instrumentals at all, but the way they seem to challenge sound is pretty rock n’ roll. Employing spoken word on a large portion of their tracks, this band let lyrical content have serious voice. With music that meanders into Jimmy Eat World territory overlayed with poetic ramblings about the universe, it will definitely be interesting to see where the band go from here now that they’ve signed to a major punk/hardcore label, and if the words in their songs will measure up to the hefty claims made by their name.

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die will be playing The Wrecking Ball in Atlanta this summer. Tickets go on sale Monday April 6th.

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