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Music Video Of The Week: Marmozets “Why Do You Hate Me?”

marmozets why do you hate me

The video for Marmozets‘ “Why Do You Hate Me?” throws it back to late ’60s/early ’70s era punk with mod fashion and avant-garde, Warholesque photography. Frame splicing, time dilations, and grainy black & whites mix with neon-saturated takes for an art piece rather than just a run of the mill music vid. Taken from the band’s impressive debut record, The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets, “Why Do You Hate Me” flaunts the UK act’s particular brand of hard alternative punk. The stellar songwriting combined with Becca MacIntyre’s dynamic vocals that shift effortlessly between smooth cleans and gritty screams are both vintage and modern, mimicked by the music video in its visual style. Marmozets have their hands in several genres at once and it’s clear anything and everything is up for grabs.