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Rise Records Releases Miss May I Video “Deathless”

Deathless MMI

The second single from Miss May I‘s upcoming record Deathless is here!  The title track of the record debuted early this week on Rise Records‘ YouTube channel to give us a further taste of the new album’s sonic direction.  So far it seems that Miss May I have returned to their roots when writing and recording their latest material.  With riffs and choruses reminiscent of 2010’s Monument rather than 2014’s Rise of the Lion fans have displayed heavily positive responses to the new tracks.  So what do you think?  Check out the video for “Deathless” below and set your mind and body free, just as the kids in this video do in order to escape the evil teacher holding them prisoner.  And remember, stay metal.

Music Video of the Week: Every Time I Die “Thirst,” “Decayin With The Boys”

This week’s nom goes to a gritty, filthy experience in two parts: Every Time I Die’s music videos for “Thirst” and “Decayin With The Boys.” Both tracks, from the metal/hardcore/southern rock band’s acclaimed 2014 record From Parts Unknown, showcase the intelligent lyrical bite of vocalist Keith Buckley (due to release his first novel, Scale, sometime in 2015/2016) as well as ETID’s signature raucousness and speed. With these videos, we bear witness not only to ETID’s brilliant songwriting skills, but the hell-raising attitude for which they are hailed as one of the biggest, longest remaining bands of the hardcore scene.

First in “Thirst,” we follow two ETID super-fans down the rabbit hole of day drinking, headbanging, and pre-party delinquency. The video for “Decayin With The Boys” then picks up where the former leaves off–passed out at the top of porch stairs–and brings us into a den of debauchery (Warning: Penile Display) for more drunken, drugged-out chaos. By the end of it, you’ll understand what vocalist Buckley means when he sings, “Kill the lights / I’ve seen too much.”