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Video Premiere: Senses Fail “The Importance of the Moment of Death”

senses fail music video

Remember back in the day when you went to birthday parties laden with adult supervision, store-bought birthday cake, and awful entertainment? Senses Fail does, which is why they decided to demolish the innocence of childhood festivities in the music video for their new single “The Importance of the Moment of Death.” There’s a drunken clown, firearms, and parents paying more attention to cocaine than their kids; the opposite of what a ten-year-old’s party should be. It looks so wrong, but feels so right.

Following their last album, Renacer (2013), this new single (which premiered on Noisey) is heavy and reflective of the style that Senses Fail has recently adopted. The riffs are raw, there is little to no clean singing, and it is clear that their sound has changed from the days of Let it Enfold You (2004) and The Fire (2010). Regardless of how SF fans feel about the band’s new sound, you can’t deny that the video for the single is fun, taking the purity of youth and smashing it to bits.

Grab Senses Fail’s new album Pull The Thorns From Your Heart when it’s released June 30th, and catch them at Warped Tour when it comes to your town this summer. Bring your raw meat-filled piñatas, it’s going to be a grand old time.

by Kelly Fay

Video Premiere: Dwell “Nomad”


Here at HXC we are all about that local scene.  While we may also cover big name bands, we understand that absolutely no band would be where it is today if it wasn’t for those beginning basement shows at your friends’ houses with those original fans from your hometown coming out to support you.  When it all comes down to it, if it wasn’t for your roots, humble beginnings and those initial dedicated fans and friends, no band would ever be able to make it out of their garages.

The North Carolina hardcore kids who make up the melodic group Dwell (Blood & Ink Records) are very well aware of this notion.  In fact, their latest video for their track “Nomad” was not only shot in the NC suburbs, but in a real basement, with real fans absolutely losing their minds to the music. Check out the video below to see exactly what going to a Dwell show is like and how the fans respond to these insane riffs right here.

Music Video of the Week: ’68 “Track 1 R”


Fans of The Chariot have probably heard of vocalist Josh Scogin’s latest project, the highly unconventional duo that is the band ’68.  Scogin, who plays guitar as well as sings for the duo, and drummer Michael McClellan formed ’68 back in 2013, but didn’t get their ten track debut full-length, In Humor and Sadness, out to the public until the summer of 2014. Having toured with bands across the scene from Chiodos to Stick To Your Guns, ’68 represents a side of Scogin that was formerly seen in underground house shows that The Chariot would play but amped up on steroids.  With one of the best live shows out there right now, this experimental, in-your-face, stripped down, raw sound is incredibly conveyed both sonically as well as visually.

Scogin and McClellan feed off of one another more than the audience while performing live. They set their positions up to face one another and literally go all out.  If you want to ever get lost in the music simply take a trip to a ’68 show and forget all of your troubles and worries within the duo’s crazy antics and love of distortion. Perhaps the best way to visually depict a ’68 performance is found in the music video for “Track 1 R,” sometimes also just referred to as “R.”  This highly minimal video creates the true atmosphere of a Scogin-McClellan performance so much so that the pulled back visuals suddenly feel more complex and out of the box.  So sit back, relax, and lose yourself with this amazing band and their first single off of In Humor and Sadness.

Music Video Of The Week: The Ongoing Concept “Cover Girl”

“Who can tell me what the word ‘originality’ means?” is the question posed at the beginning of this video. And the answer? The Ongoing Concept can! The band play a killer set for a classroom of elementary school children in this music video for their song “Cover Girl,” a set up which is as hilarious as it is endearing. But it’s also didactic. The standout line, “Stop being the print of someone else’s painting,” puts us in the position of having something to learn as well as these adorable kids. The song itself is a lesson in originality, as the words ‘banjo’ and ‘hardcore’ typically aren’t found in the same sentence. So watch the video below and raise your hand if you wish these guys had come to your school as a kid.

Interview: Hawthorne Heights On Anniversary Tours and TLC

Photo by Natasha Van Duser

Hawthorne Heights have been a band for about a decade now, and like many other bands their age have decided to mark the achievement with a 10 Year Anniversary Tour of the record that started it all. Unlike other bands in the emo, punk, or post-hardcore genres, however, we made them celebrate by dramatically reading TLC lyrics before the show. Ohio may be for lovers, but Staten Island is for interviewers who like to laugh at your expense. Watch the interview below to hear more from the band about DIY music making, whose first show was Nirvana and whose was New Kids On The Block, and why it’s all about the fans.

Music Video of the Week: letlive. “Younger”


This week’s music video pick is none other than “Younger”by letlive.  letive. is one of the major forces in the scene constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done with music.  From their monumental record, The Blackest Beautiful, one of the few records in existence that sonicly captures the energy and charisma of a live show, we get “Younger.”  Though “Younger” is one of the more toned down tracks on the album, its biting lyrics, catchy melodies, and dramatic flair carry the song as one of the best on the album.  Check out the video below to see a new side of vocalist Jason Butler in this whirlwind depiction of religious hypocrisy and cult followings.  This video is straight proof that Butler would also be fantastic as a maniac in any comic-book inspired thriller.  So take a look and let us know what you think of Butler’s visual interpretation of “Younger” in the comments below.

Music Video of the Week: Sleeping With Sirens “Kick Me”


Here at HXC we believe that no artist should ever separate the audience from the show.  With barriers and crowd surfing bans constantly popping up in the scene, getting up close and personal with the music is an ever dwindling phenomenon.  Luckily, there are bands like Sleeping With Sirens who haven’t yet raised themselves onto that pretentious pedestal.  This week’s music video pick, therefore, is SWS’s first single off their upcoming record Madness, “Kick Me.” While SWS’s last record, Feel, felt like an overwrought montage of Kellin Quinn’s face, “Kick Me” represents the old school vibe of SWS that fans first fell in love with.  With a catchy chorus, emotionally charged vocals, and lyrics that actually have something to say, “Kick Me” is an anthem with a video to prove it.  For the first time in a long time, Quinn is not the central focus of the video, instead the band opted to bring out a bunch of diehard SWS fans and allow them to get their time to shine in the spotlight singing and jumping along with both the band and other diehards alike.  So check out this video and let us know if you like where the new Sleeping With Sirens is headed!

Music Video of the Week: Opheon “The Distance”


This week’s pick for MVW is the 5 minute visuals paired with Opheon‘s “The Distance.”  Though theme-wise the video is fairly minimal–the basic images of the band playing live cut to footage of the vocalist singing on his own–it is the song that we are so impressed with.  The British melodic hardcore rockers went from a very djent-oriented sound that has been regurgitated time and time again to something far more progressive, innovative, and new to the -core scene.  With stylized breakdowns, actual melodies, and even a guitar solo (can you believe those still exist?), this track reaches a level of sophistication that warrants a minimal video and lets the music speak for itself.  Don’t believe us? Then check it out and see for yourself, because when they drop their upcoming 2015 EP it’s destined to hit the top of your favorite playlists.